Free prayer journaling guide

Prayer is a two-way conversation with God. But sometimes, we say our bit and then walk away without waiting for God’s voice.

This two-way prayer journaling guide and workbook is designed to help take your prayer to the next level. It includes a discussion on the importance of prayer, tips on how to pray and space to write down your prayers and God’s responses. 

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Image of two-way prayer journaling guide pages
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Hi, I’m Oyelola.

Growing up in church, I took the Bible for granted. That changed when I got water baptised in my early 20s. From then on, I was all in. Years later my life was turned upside down by chronic health challenges. I went from passionately pursuing purpose to survival mode. In my helplessness, I turned to the Word of God to fill my head, heart and spirit with His promises. 

As God’s Word had sustained me, I wanted that for other Christians. So He Speaks I Write was born.

Today, I create content inspired by my personal journey with God to help Christians live the John 10:10 life. Join me to receive real, raw and relatable revelations from the Word of God.