About He Speaks, I Write.

A faith blog built on revelations from studying God’s Word and hearing His voice.

Portrait photo of Oyelola

Hi, I’m Oyelola.

Growing up in church, I took the Bible for granted. I believed it held truth but didn’t spend enough time getting to know God’s truth. That all changed when I got water baptised in my early 20s. From then, I was all in. I went deeper into the things of God, saying “yes” to things I’d previously vowed I’d never do.

This trajectory continued until my life got turned upside down by chronic health challenges. In just a few months, I lost mobility, independence, and income. I went from passionately pursuing purpose to survival mode. I felt helpless.

In my helplessness, I turned to the Word of God to fill my head, heart and spirit with His promises. I drew strength from scriptures I’d meditated on in previous years and received hope for the future.

As God’s Word had sustained me, I wanted that for other Christians. To share my personal revelations in an accessible way to give people hope, no matter the season.

And so, He Speaks I Write was born.

For a while, I questioned whether what I was sharing had any impact. Then I began to receive emails, comments and messages from Christians around the world about how words were speaking to their hearts and strengthening their relationships with Jesus. I became confident that this is an assignment from God.

Today, I create simple, relatable and engaging content inspired by my personal journey with God to help Christians live the John 10:10 life, by getting to know God through His Word and knowing how to apply it in life.

This isn’t faith-based content to teach or preach based on revelations refined over time. This is real, raw and relatable. You’re invited into my faith journey as I navigate the ups and downs of life, studying God’s Word to hear His voice.

Will you join me on this journey?