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10 Emboldening Scriptures to Pray Against Fear
Do you battle with fear? Maybe it isn’t an ongoing battle but one you feel like you keep going back to, over and over again. You thought you’d dealt with it and then a specific situation brings it right back up! Your knees knock into each other every time you get up...
New Year, Same Season: How to faithfully wait for a new season
When a new year begins, it usually comes with the expectation of something new. It’s as though January 1 should trigger a change of circumstances. We all yell “Happy New Year!” and *BOOM* something new lands in our lap. That’s how it goes, right? For some, yes. But...
Dear Jesus – my letter to Jesus this Christmas
Dear Jesus,   I don’t even know where to start.   Probably best to start from the beginning, right? And by the beginning, I mean that time in history that we celebrate each year – your birthday (you know, Christmas).   It’s around that time of year again – a time of...
7 Encouraging Scriptures For When You Feel Inadequate
Do you sometimes feel inadequate? Like no matter how hard you try, how much effort you put in, you’re still not good enough. Maybe you’ve recently stepped into a new position and you feel out of your depth. The all too well-known “imposter syndrome” is lurking,...

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