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Why is renewing your mind so important?
Have you ever woken up in the morning thinking, “Gosh, I’m hungry”? But in your rush to get ready and start your workday on time, you have no time for breakfast. So, you give food little thought as you focus on other priorities. Before you know it, it’s lunchtime and...
How To Become Like A Tree Planted By The Water
There’s this imagery of a tree being planted by the water that comes up multiple times in the Bible. I don’t know how many times I’ve read these scriptures but each time, I receive encouragement. Yet, I don’t go deeper. Not too long ago, I came across one of these...
What Should Christian Dating Look Like?
Are you a Christian walking through the dating season? Dating in itself can be confusing – figuring out what you want, what you don’t want and what that looks like. Add to it seeking to honour God, following His will and sticking to your convictions… it’s a lot to...
10 Emboldening Scriptures to Pray Against Fear
Do you battle with fear? Maybe it isn’t an ongoing battle but one you feel like you keep going back to, over and over again. You thought you’d dealt with it and then a specific situation brings it right back up! Your knees knock into each other every time you get up...

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